STRUTZ CS-75T High Speed Tumbler Decorator

The CS75T automatic tumbler machine decorates containers in 4 or 6 colors at speeds up to 70 pieces per minute with excellent color-to-color registration. It was designed to decorate tumbler ware, but can also be expanded to decorate a variety of other glass ware with tooling modifications. The CS-75T employs the same rugged industrial construction as the STRUTZ line of bottle decorators.



Ware Size Specifications
Minimum Maximum
Height 3.00" * 11.00"
Diameter 1.00" 4.00"
* Minimum Height can be as small as 2.00" with tooling modifications.

CS-75T Standard Features

  • Available in 4 or 6 color models
  • Fully automatic loading/unloading
  • 370 degree rotation of each decorating station
  • Utilizes thermosetting inks
  • Squeegee safety interlock detects container presence
  • Variable speed control with automatic timing response, digital speed display
  • Individual screen heater controls with automatic drop back
  • Vacuum operated ware holders
  • Programmable control of pneumatic timing
  • Individual pneumatic controls for each station
  • Roller cam indexer to assure smooth, constant acceleration and deceleration control between stations
  • Flood coat bar
  • Single stroke adjustment
  • Pre-wired and pre-piped for easy installation of electrical and pneumatic service connections
  • Extra heavy-duty costruction designed for 24-hour high speed operation

CS-75T Optional Features

  • Storage Conveyor/Single Liner
  • ECS-1/ECD-2 Automatic Electronic Controlled Color Dispensing System
  • Lehr Pull-Bar or Push-Bar Stackers
  • Dual Feed Bi-Directional Push Bar Stacker System


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